Weapon Special Traits


Acid Washed: +4 saves vs. acid/rust/disintegration,
+100 Light, +200 Medium or Heavy, Metal only

Basket Hilt: +4 to resist disarm, (Sword only)
+50 gp,

Blood Groove: -20% weight, +2 hardness, (Sword only)
+100 gp

Breakaway: Divide & reassemble weapon, threat becomes 20
+1,000 gp

Crossbow Sight, Gnomish: Treat targets as 2 range increments closer (Crossbow only)
+500 gp,

Deceptive: +4 sleight of hand to conceal weapon
+800 gp

Dwarvencraft: +2 hardness, +10 HP, +2 saves (Metal or Stone only)
+600 gp,

Enhanced Bracing: +2 damage when set against charge, (Spear or Polearm only)
+100 gp,

Folded Metal: +4 hardness, (Metal only)
+200 gp

Folding: Concealable (Non-Composite Bow only)
+75 gp

Hilt Hollow: Store small item (1lb or less)
+200 gp

Hardened: x 1.5 Hardness
+500 (Light) gp, +1000 (Medium) gp, +1000 gp (Heavy)

Lightweight: -20% weight
+350 gp Light or Medium, +850 gp Heavy

Long Range: +20 feet range increment, (Bow or Crossbow only)
+100 gp

Modular: Divide & reassemble weapon, breaks on a natural 1. (Simple or Martial melee weapon up to 6 lb., hand crossbow, dart, or sling only)
+150 gp

Ornate: +1 Diplomacy or Intimidate
+400 gp,

Pure Ore: x 2 Hardness & HP, (Item Must be Masterwork)
+1000 gp (Light), +3000 gp (Medium), +7000 gp (Heavy)

Razor Sharp: +1 damage (Slashing only)
+1,000 gp

Resilient: +5 HP
+200 gp

Serrated: 1 Bleed damage for 1d4 rounds on critical (Piercing or Slashing only)
+600 gp

Signature Crest: Decoration
+50 gp

Wand Chamber: Store & use wand (Item must be larger than the wand)
+100 gp

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