Manipulation Skill Tricks

Clever Improviser [Manipulation]
Tools? Why would you need tools? Its just a combination lock with a poison needle trap, after all.
Prerequisite: Disable Device 4 ranks
Benefit: When making a Disable Device or Open Lock check without using thieves tools, you ignore the normal -2 penalty.
You can use this trick any number of times per day until you fail a Disable Device or Open Lock check made without using thieves tools. After a failure, you cant use Clever Improviser again until after you have rested for 8 hours.

Conceal Spell casting [Manipulation]
You can cast spells without others noticing.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Spellcaster, Sleight of Hand 3
ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank.
Benefit: You can cast a spell without revealing that you are doing so. Make a Sleight of Hand check as part of the action used to cast the spell, opposed by the Spot checks of onlookers. If you are successful, an observer cant tell that youre casting a spell. That observer cannot make an attack of opportunity against you for casting, nor can it attempt to counter your spell.

Delayed Sabotage [Manipulation]
You can set an object to break after a certain amount of use.
Prerequisites: Disable Device 3 ranks
Benefit: When making a Disable Device check to sabotage an item, you can spend an extra full-round action to gain greater control over when it breaks. You can set the item to break after a set number of usages (up to 100) or to break after a set amount of time (up to one week).

Easy Escape [Manipulation]
You can slip free from the grasp of a larger enemy with ease.
Prerequisite: Medium or smaller size, Escape Artist 5 ranks.
Benefit: If your opponent is larger than Medium, you gain a circumstance bonus on your Escape Artist check to escape a grapple or pin. The size of the bonus depends on your opponents size, according to the following table.

Opponent Escape Artist
Size Bonus
- Large +4
- Huge +8
- Gargantuan +12
- Colossal +16

False Theurgy [Manipulation]
Hows that magic missile feel? Im sorry did you think I was casting sleep?
Prerequisite: Bluff/Sleight of Hand 5 ranks, Spell craft 5 ranks.
Benefit: As a swift action when casting a spell, you can adjust the spell’s verbal and somatic components to mimic those of another spell of your choice of the same level. Any creature using Spellcraft or any other means to identify the spell youre casting believes it to be the other spell instead.

This trick renders your spell immune to the normal method of counterspelling, though dispel magic or a similar effect still works normally. Of course, once the spell takes effect, it can be identified and dealt with normally (a fireball still looks and feels like a fireball once youve cast it).

Healing Hands [Manipulation]
You can bring someone back from the brink of death.
Prerequisite: Heal 2 ranks.
Benefit: If you succeed on a Heal check made to stabilize
a dying character, that character also heals 1d6 points of

Hidden Blade [Manipulation]
You can quickly draw a hidden weapon to make a deadly strike.
Prerequisite: Sleight of Hand 2 ranks, Quick Draw.
Benefit: After you have used the Sleight of Hand skill to successfully conceal a weapon, you can draw that weapon as a move action instead of a standard action. An opponent that was unaware of the concealed weapon is treated as flat-footed against the first attack you make in that turn.

Quick Crafter [Manipulation]
You can craft and jury-rig cheap items in almost no time at all.
Prerequisites: Craft (any) 5 ranks
Benefit: With 10 minutes of work, you can craft an item with one of your craft skills worth up to 1 gp per rank you possess in that skill. You must possess full access to all normal tools that would be needed to make the item. You can use this skill trick once per day.

Quick Reader [Manipulation]
Youre trained your mind to read through short bits scriptures and texts quickly.
Prerequisites: Linguistics 2 ranks
Benefit: As a full-round action, you can make a DC 10 Linguistics check. During that action, you read and digest the contents of up to 1 page of text (or its rough equivalent) plus 1 additional page per 5 points by which your check exceeded the DC. This check does not also perform the normal functions of the linguistics skill.

Mosquitos Bite [Manipulation]
You can deliver a strike without your target feeling a thing.
Prerequisite: Sleight of Hand 9 ranks.
Benefit: If you use a light weapon to hit a flat-footed opponent, you can choose to have the opponent not realize that it has been hit until the start of your next turn. Instead, that opponent reacts as if you had attacked and missed. Using this skill trick doesnt require an action on your part. This trick doesnt allow the opponent to ignore any of the other effects of your attack, such as ability damage from poison on your blade or falling unconscious when reduced to fewer than 0 hit points.

Opening Tap [Manipulation]
No time to waste on tools sharp, a tap should pop that lock
Prerequisite: Disable Device 9 ranks.
Benefit: As a swift action, you can make an Open Lock check with a -10 penalty by tapping a lock with a hard, blunt object such as the pommel of a weapon. You dont take any additional penalty for making the check without thieves tools.
You can use this trick any number of times per day until you fail an Open Lock check made in this way. After a failure, you cant use Opening Tap again until after you have rested for 8 hours.

Pass It On [Manipulation]
Rather than stealing items from a creature, you can plant them on a creatures person.
Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand 5 ranks
Benefit: As a standard action, you can make a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check to plant an obje ct on another creatures person. The object must be at least two size categories smaller than both you and the target in order for this ability to work. As always, observers are entitled to an opposed spot check to notice the attempt. Against a creature with no noticeable pouches, pockets, or bags of any sort, you take a -5 penalty on your check. At your option, the item planted may be easy to find (DC 10 search check) or difficult (DC = Sleight of Hand result).
You can use this skill trick twice per encounter.

Quick Escape [Manipulation]
In the blink of an eye, you can escape nearly any tight spot.
Prerequisite: Escape Artist 9 ranks.
Benefit: This trick has two options, either of which can be used once per encounter.
You can make an Escape Artist check to escape from a grapple or pin as a swift action. You can use this trick even if you have already used a standard action on your current
turn to attempt the same escape. Alternatively, you can make any Escape Artist check
that would normally require a full-round action as a move action. You cant use this option more than once per day against the same kind of restraint.

Ride the Dragon [Manipulation]
You can ride upon another creature, guiding its actions for a short period of time.
Prerequisites: Ride 9 ranks, Climb 5 ranks
Benefit: If on a creature up to two size categories larger than yourself, you may spend a full-round action to make a Ride check (DC 25 + targets HD). If successful, you can make the target take one move action at the start of their next turn, controlling where they move during it. The target is free as normal to take a standard action during that round but if they take another move action instead (and use it to move), you direct that movement as well.

Shrouded Dance [Manipulation]
You can seem to be where you arent.
Prerequisite: Stealth 5 ranks, Perform (dance) 2 ranks.
Benefit: As a move action, you can attempt a DC 20 Stealth
check. If you succeed, you have concealment until the start of your next turn.

Sudden Draw [Manipulation]
You can quickly draw a hidden weapon to make a deadly strike.
Prerequisite: Sleight of Hand 8 ranks, Quick Draw.
Benefit: If an opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you, you can draw a weapon that you have successfully concealed using Sleight of Hand as an immediate action to deliver the attack of opportunity with that weapon. That opponent is treated as flat-footed against the attack with the concealed weapon.

Surgical Strike [Manipulation]
Your attacks are exactly as deadly as you intend them to be.
Prerequisite: Heal 8 ranks
Benefit: After a successful attack you can attempt a DC 15 Heal check as a free action to designate the damage from your attack as subdual damage at no penalty. You do not need to decide to use this trick until the results of your attack have been announced.

Tend to the Many [Manipulation]
You can provide medical care to a great many people.
Prerequisites: Heal 9 ranks
Benefit: By spending an extra eight hours tending to the sick, you can provide long-term care for up to one person per rank of Heal that you possess, rather than just for 6 individuals. You can use this skill trick once per day.

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