Interaction Skill Tricks

Absolute Submission [Interaction]
You can frighten a target into absolute obedience.
Prerequisites: Intimidate 10 ranks
Benefit: When you succeed on intimidating a foe outside of combat by 10 points or more, you may spend a swift action to make them utterly subservient to you, treating them as helpful towards you for as long as you are around and for one hour afterwards.
You can use this skill trick once per day.

Assume Quirk [Interaction]
You can perfectly imitate a small habit or idiosyncrasy of a
person you impersonate in order to throw off suspicion.
Prerequisite: Disguise 3 ranks.
Benefit: When impersonating a particular individual,
you can eliminate the normal Spot bonus granted to a viewer familiar with that individual. The effect extends to all viewers. Using this trick requires no special action, but you can maintain the deception for only 1 hour per day.

Distracting Wit [Interaction]
You can momentarily distract foes with your words before catching them unaware.
Prerequisites: Bluff 5 ranks, Diplomacy 5 ranks
Benefit: As a standard action, you can attempt to distract and mislead a foe, making a Diplomacy or Bluff check (DC 10 + targets HD + targets Sense Motive modifier). If you succeed, the next attack made against the target before the start of your next turn treats them as being flat-footed. Furthermore, a hostile foe affected in this way becomes merely unfriendly towards you and your allies for 1 round or until attacked. Mindless creatures are unaffected by this ability.

Empathetic Soul [Interaction]
You have a way with animals, letting them know that you mean no harm.
Prerequisites: Handle Animal 5 ranks
Benefit: As a full-round action, you can make a Handle Animal check against a hostile or unfriendly animal as if making a diplomacy check. If you increase its attitude towards you to at least indifferent, it does not attack, snarl, or bark at you so long as you and your companions leave it (and its family, if any) alone. You cannot increase an animals attitude to helpful in this way, though you can make it friendly.

Group Fake-Out [Interaction]
You lean left, go right, and leave a whole group of enemies holding the bag.
Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks.
Benefit: You can use Bluff to feint in combat against more than one opponent. Make one Bluff check opposed by separate Sense Motive checks for each opponent. For each opponent after the first that you wish to affect, you take a cumulative 2 penalty on your Bluff check.

Innocent Act [Interaction]
You are a master of looking honest and innocent, making your lies more believable.
Prerequisites: Bluff 9 ranks, Perform (acting) 2 ranks
Benefit: When you make a bluff check, your acting skills can make the bluff seem one category more believable. You can use this skill trick once per day.

Inspiring Oratory [Interaction]
Your words inspire the hearts of others.
Prerequisites: Perform (oratory) 5 ranks
Benefit: As a move action, you may make a DC 20 Perform (oratory) check. If you succeed, a number of allies up to your number of ranks in Perform (oratory) who can see and hear you gain a 1 morale bonus on attack rolls and Will saves against fear effects for 1d41 minutes. If you possess the inspire courage class feature, these bonuses stacks with those of inspire courage.

Kid Gloves [Interaction]
You have a subtle but very persuasive style of intimidation.
Prerequisite: Intimidate 5 ranks
Benefit: After you have successfully used the intimidate skill to change another’s behavior, their attitude returns to its previous default rather than shifting to unfriendly (or hostile).
You can use this trick as often as you wish, but can only ever use it a single time against a given target. Repeated intimidation uses on the same target still results in their attitude shifting as normal.

More You than You [Interaction]
You can trick others into thinking the one you impersonate is the imposter.
Prerequisites: Disguise 12 ranks, Diplomacy 8 ranks
Benefit: If both you and a creature you disguise as are visible in the same place and at the same time, you may spend a swift action to make a disguise check opposed by the originals diplomacy check with a +10 bonus. If you succeed, all creatures who havent pierced through your disguise assume that the original is the fake (though future evidence may place this in doubt).

Never Outnumbered [Interaction]
You can demoralize multiple enemies.
Prerequisite: Intimidate 5 ranks.
Benefit: When you use Intimidate to demoralize an opponent, you can affect all enemies within 10 feet that can see you, rather than only a single enemy you threaten. Each enemy rolls a separate modified level check to oppose your Intimidate check, but the skill check otherwise works as normal.

Personal Message [Interaction]
You can deliver a personalized hidden message, one that others wouldnt understand.
Prerequisites: Bluff 2 ranks
Benefit: When you deliver a secret message, you may spend a swift action to make it specific to a single person or a small group of people (up to 4 individuals). Other creatures take a 5 penalty to sense motive checks made to intercept a message if it is directed at an individual or a -2 penalty if it was directed to a group.

Second Impression [Interaction]
You can convince someone of your false identity even after your disguise fails.
Prerequisite: Bluff 2 ranks, Disguise 2 ranks.
Benefit: If an observer sees through your disguise with a successful perception check, you can (as an immediate action) attempt a Bluff check to convince him that hes mistaken. Use the observers Spot check result as the DC for your Bluff check; if you succeed, the observer ignores the evidence of his own senses in favor of what your disguise attempts to show.
You must be aware of the observers discovery in order to use this trick; for example, you cant use it against someone viewing you secretly, nor can you use it against someone who sees through your disguise but keeps that information secret. When in doubt, the DM should allow a character to use this trick if she has any reason to fear that her cover has been blown.
You can use this trick only once per day, but its effect extends to all viewers within 30 feet of you. For example, you could attempt it against an entire patrol of guards confronting you just as effectively as against a single person. This trick doesnt let you maintain a disguise that has been defeated by other means; for example, if your disguise self spell is penetrated by a true seeing spell, Second Impression wont help.

Social Recovery [Interaction]
You can talk your way out of a problem you talked yourself into.
Prerequisite: Bluff 4 ranks, Diplomacy 2 ranks.
Benefit: If your Diplomacy check to influence an NPCs attitude fails, you can spend another full round talking to the NPC, then make a Bluff check with a –10 penalty. Use the result of this check in place of the Diplomacy check result, except that it cant improve the NPCs attitude by more than one step.
Once you use this skill trick (successfully or not), you cannot use it against the same target again for 24 hours.

Timely Misdirection [Interaction]
You can divert an opponents attention to avoid its attacks.
Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks.
Benefit: If you succeed on a Bluff check to feint in combat, your opponent cant make any attacks of opportunity against you until the start of its next turn. This effect is in addition to the normal benefits of a successful feint.

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