House Rules

Skill House Rules
Books – Add a +2 circumstance bonus to skills when using books with relevant information, in non-combat situations. Extensive collections of books such as personal collections or libraries can grant a larger bonus at the DMs discretion.

Shield AC bonuses apply to your touch AC, and your CMD to resist bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, or trip attempts. In addition, when making a full defensive action the AC bonus from your Shield is increased by 2.

The Shield bonuses provided grants an equal bonus to the users reflex saves. (When a shield could be benifical) This also applies to the shield bonus granted from a full defensive action.

  • Shield – AC Bonus
  • Buckler +1
  • Shield, light wooden +2
  • Shield, light steel +2
  • Shield, heavy wooden +3
  • Shield, heavy steel +3
  • Shield, tower +5

Skill Tricks
Skill tricks are an exciting way of customizing your character, allowing them to perform cinematic effects like swinging across a chasm hanging from a whip, leaping off a warhorse while swinging a sword, jumping and running up a wall, and other similar actions popular in movies and tentacle hentai.

Cleric Weapons
Clerics and inquisitors of deities who have a simple weapon as a favored weapon gain weapon focus with that weapon for free at 1st level.

Weapon Proficiencies
Weapon proficiencies do not have +1 BAB as a prerequisite.

Descriptive Bonus
If a player describes their action with panache/superior role-play, the GM can apply a bonus to the action that is being attempted. The GM has say on the bonus received.

Wizard feat choices
The spell focus, greater spell focus, elemental focus, greater elemental focus, spell penetration and greater spell penetration feats can be chosen as a wizard bonus feats.

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